Food service operations must change menus and practices to survive in a changing, often turbulent marketplace. A recipe is not popular with clients so a few changes are needed. However, can it be adapted to the existing operation, will it satisfy regulatory requirements, and most importantly, is it safe and sanitary? All important criteria but where can the operator look for help?
Of course, there are consultants willing to help (several on this website!)  However, most consultants cannot offer the comprehensive services needed to make an expensive, involved decision about a new recipe or service. Early Warning Food Service Solutions is interested in long-term satisfied clients and we research all options carefully before making any recommendations.


Leveraging University Food Science Departments for Objective Food Service Appraisals


One superior solution is obtaining an analysis of the marketing proposal, including a recipe process review. The agricultural and food science departments of major universities all are grounded in research; these are land-grant universities with no vested interest in any type of equipment or service. While not all food science centers provide a process review, they can be counted upon for an objective appraisal of a food service proposal. Their main business is food science research and community outreach.
Each state or region will have a major university capable of some level of food science consultation. They will not provide all the same services and prices will differ, so shop around. Ask questions to be sure they can assist with local regulatory requirements.
The four university references below all advertise a laboratory-based, recipe process review. Restaurant associations will be able to provide further resources. While recipe process review will cost money (Cornell University charges $85 (in-state)-$150 (out of state) per product), it is an important step to save money long term. Recipe processes, equipment purchases, and permit applications will all be easier and more efficient. Call one of the references today to discuss your plans.


New York State Restaurant Association

Michigan State Restaurant Association

National Restaurant Association

Cornell University – Ithaca NY

University of Wisconsin – Madison

New Mexico State University

University of California – Davis