“Everyone deserves to know how to keep a safe, healthy, and clean environment.”

The Food Safety Mentor ™ Is The Leading Food Safety Solutions Provider In Brooklyn, New York

Operating a food business is a big responsibility. Whether you are a restaurateur in the hospitality industry or manufacturing your famous sauce, there are rules to follow and risks associated with your food business.

Risks of food-borne illness complaints, lack of employee loyalty, ever-changing food safety guidelines, violations, and fines can affect your business and your peace of mind.

No one gets it better than The Food Safety Mentor ™.

The Food Safety Mentor ™ partners with our clients supporting them on their journey toward food safety and sanitary excellence. The Food Safety Mentor ™ follows the client for life philosophy. Once you engage The Food Safety Mentor ™, we are with you for as long as you need us. Just a text message or an email away.

The Food Safety Mentor ™ is Growing and New Members with Expertise are Joining Our Team

The Food Safety Mentor ™

Christine Testa REHS RS CPFS is our Food Safety Mentor and the President of Early Warning Food Service Solutions Corp. Her vision is to create a safer world to eat in, and her commitment is to help encourage a culture of food safety worldwide.

The Food Safety Mentor ™ main office is based out of Brooklyn, New York, however you can find Christine traveling and working anywhere. She spends part of her time in Egypt sharing her knowledge with small food processors, or in the Pennsylvania Dutch country working with farmers and grocery stores.

She is a free spirited food safety expert and focuses on building teams with confidence as they learn about food safety and how to implement their food safety systems, Standard Operating Procedures, and current Good Manufacturing practices.

The most important return on investment she gives her clients is to teach and mentor anyone to become active managers and achieve sanitary excellence.

David Mikkola MPH RS.

He is our Michigan Sanitarian who enjoys teaching the ServSafe course, as well as proctoring affordable and convenient ServSafe exams. David is a Registered Sanitarian, licensed in the state of Michigan, with 40 years of experience as a public Health Sanitarian working in Oakland County, Michigan, He is also the Food safety guru when it comes to Plan Review for sanitary design.

Dave Mikkola is the author of Environmental Noncompliance: A Sanitarian’s Search for a New System, Dave’s debut book, was released in 2013. Dave is also our company’s blogger, so feel free to reach out to him for all aspects of Environmental Health.

Jasmine Gulston

Jasmine Gulston has well over a decade of experience in the food safety industry. She began her public health career serving as a NYC Health Inspector and later on, as a Quality Assurance Manager in airline-catering businesses.  She is people-oriented and enjoys collaborating with restaurateurs and food operators to find sustainable solutions to their daily food safety compliance challenges. Her love for teaching, coaching, and training provides in-depth comprehension of food safety concepts that make application easy.  She believes that together, we can transform the culture of food safety.

Shawn Collins

Shawn Collins has over 10 years of experience in the private sector conducting the following Food Audits using the following guides: NYS DOA (Supermarkets), NYS DEC (Shellfish) NYCDOHMH (food service establishments), and FDA Seafood (Wholesale) inspections. 
“I am passionate about food safety and kitchen safety. I believe with proper training and follow-up all kitchens can operate safely for both the employees who work in them and for the guests who eat from them. “

Why Choose The Food Safety Mentor ™?

Our passion for food safety becomes your passion and your entrepreneurial vision becomes our vision.

Our clients choose The Food Safety Mentor ™ because we approach food safety and sanitation realistically. Working towards your goals to make your operation fit into compliance with your local regulations. The Food Safety Mentor ™ is flexible, approachable, and willing to give you the time and attention you need to build your business.

Quality Services

  • USDA, FDA, and LOCAL and STATE compliance
  • HACCP plans, USDA, ROP
  • USDA grant of inspection
  • Preventive Controls
  • Liaison with regulatory officials
  • Permit Expediting
  • Consultations via ZOOM or in person
  • Mock inspections
  • Pre-operation inspections
  • Education:  ANSI-approved Food safety managers training and certification for food handlers and supervisors. We are ServSafe and NRFSP-approved instructors and proctors. We are approved to teach the NYC DOHMH food protection certification.


Food Safety Solutions

Affordable Training

All those who handle food need training. The Food Safety Mentor ™ food safety certification services are not only accessible, but affordable, and we accommodate all languages, cultures, and disabilities. We conduct training virtually via Zoom or we come to you!

The Food Safety Mentor ™ classes are fun, interactive and engaging, using real life examples and sharing our experience as public health professionals working in the field.
The Food Safety Mentor ™ students enjoy the classes and they are encouraged to interact and network with each other.

 ANSI Accredited Food Safety certification

Regulatory agencies, as well as industry, require their person in charge to be certified in food safety.

The most popular in the United States are The National Registry of Food Safety Professional (NRFSP ) certification, ServSafe Certification., and Prometric certification. The Food Safety Mentor ™ prepares you well for any ANSI Accredited food safety manager exam.

The Food Safety Mentor ™ also provides hands on food handler training for all non supervisory employees with our mini food safety courses and customized onsite trainings, such as but not limited to HACCP basics, Allergen awareness and employee health safety, food safety and sanitation 101.

NYC Food Protection Course

The Food Safety Mentor ™ provides convenient and accessible NYC Food protection courses in the 5 boroughs of New York City, virtual or onsite. Our courses total 15 hours of lessons and review that can be broken down as per the needs of the operation. After the completion of the course, students are registered to take the NYC FPC exam located at the NYC DOHMH Health Academy, 160 W 100 Street NYC.

Good food safety practices and procedures lower food costs, reduce food waste and, most importantly, protects your brand and the customers you serve.

Get in touch with  The Food Safety Mentor ™ for affordable training resources that have been an effective investment.

What We Do

Educate, Mentor, and assess your business
Identify risks of contamination​
ANSI Accredited Food Safety Course and Exam, Servsafe, NYC DOHMC Exams
…and much much more!


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