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About Christine, The Food Safety Mentor and Early Warning Food Service Solutions

Hi, I’m Christine Testa, best known as the Food Safety Mentor. My company,  Early Warning Food Service Solutions, is the leading consultancy agency providing creative and practical solutions to food industries. With over 20 years of experience, I have the experience and expertise to help you set up or run your business. My colleagues and I  always comply with local and international standards.

Early Warning works closely with clients to develop strategies that meet their unique needs. Through thorough research into your business, we can understand your business’s requirements before starting production.

When you do business with The Food Safety Mentor, you can rest assured your facility staff will be well-trained. Early Warning Food Solutions will visit your facility and recommend ways to improve food safety and sanitation. Moreover, we constantly update ourselves on changing standards to keep your business safe, healthy, and clean.

By quickly identifying and correcting current practices, we can protect your customers by creating a better experience. Beyond that, your business or facility can avoid costly errors or violations by complying with all safety codes.

We are driven by a need to see our customers’ businesses flourish.

 Christine Testa

Meet Christine Testa

Christine Testa, The Food Safety Mentor, is a skilled food safety and sanitation expert who has been in the business for over 20 years. She is a registered environmental health sanitarian and the President of Early Warning Food Service Solutions.

Christine is the ‘The Food Safety Mentor.’ Her firm offers various services, including plan review consultations and food safety training. She has gathered extensive local and international connections through her work, which have proved valuable to her client’s success.

Her opinions are highly regarded in the global community, and she has spoken in Egypt and China on food safety challenges and solutions. Egypt holds a soft space in the Food Safety Mentor’s heart. Christine mentors like-minded food safety professionals and students who have chosen Environmental Health as their career.

Christine focuses on helping entrepreneurs and individuals in the food industry navigate and understand various aspects of the food service industry.
She guides them in establishing their food safety systems and provides the necessary support to create a safe and sanitary business. Christine believes that all food industries deserve a chance at sanitary excellence.

Christine enjoys working with small firms and mom-and-pop food service establishments whose second language is English. She also works with your staff to instill a food safety culture in their day-to-day operations.

Her work includes training managers in the food and hospitality industry on local codes, integrated pest control strategies, and active managerial control. This helps ensure long-term compliance.

She actively shares her experience and knowledge working in the industry in New York and the tri-state area, and she is familiar with Halal certification requirements.

Christine loves giving lectures abroad and is the author of an upcoming book titled “Handles Up,” a food service guide to transforming a nightmare inspection into a dream.

David Mikkola MPH RS
David Mikkola MPH RS

David Mikkola MPH RS

Please meet David Mikkola MPH RS, our Michigan food safety and Swimming Pool expert, and ServSafe Instructor and exam proctor.

David has over 40 years of experience as an Environmental Health Sanitarian In Michigan.

He is our instructor and proctor for ServSafe for Michigan and our Plan Review GURU!

In 2013, Dave published his first book about integral approaches to food service compliance entitled Environmental Noncompliance: A Sanitarian’s Search for a New System.

​Dave is also our blogger; let him know what Environmental Health subjects you are interested in.

You can reach David directly at dave@foodsafetymentor.com


Shawn Collins

Shawn Collins

Shawn Collins has over 10 years of experience in the private sector conducting the following Food Audits using the following guides: NYS DOA (Supermarkets), NYS DEC (Shellfish) NYCDOHMH (food service establishments), and FDA Seafood (Wholesale) inspections. 
“I am passionate about food safety and kitchen safety. I believe with proper training and follow-up all kitchens can operate safely for both the employees who work in them and for the guests who eat from them. “
Jasmine Gulston

Jasmine Gulston

Jasmine Gulston has well over a decade of experience in the food safety industry. She began her public health career serving as a NYC Health Inspector and later on, as a Quality Assurance Manager in airline-catering businesses.  She is people-oriented and enjoys collaborating with restaurateurs and food operators to find sustainable solutions to their daily food safety compliance challenges. Her love for teaching, coaching, and training provides in-depth comprehension of food safety concepts that make application easy.  She believes that together, we can transform the culture of food safety.

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