Employee Training – Step Three: Resources

Every training effort, no matter how carefully planned, can do with a variety of audio-visual resources. Even when employees understand the problems in the facility and master coping skills to address those issues, it is all too easy to forget the required steps.

This section, then, begins an ongoing list of training resources.

United States Department of Agriculturehttps://www.fsis.usda.gov/food-safety/safe-food-handling-and-preparation/food-safety-basics/steps-keep-food-safe While much of the information is designed for the general public, there is useful information for everyone involved in food service. Use their search engine to find all kinds of information about food safety, from general public handling hints to the creation of Standard Operating Procedures to protecting your facility against contaminated foods.

United States Department of Agriculture – 1987 video ‘Food Safety is no Mystery’ – it’s still around though not from USDA – you’ll need to go on YouTube to find it. It’s still an oldie but goodie, entertaining and generally good food safety tips. Find the video here


United States Food and Drug Administration – training resources to help you with employee training.


These posters/storyboards are designed to enhance food safety training efforts at the retail level by helping food employees understand the important role they play in protecting public health. For example, these posters/storyboards could be posted in food preparation areas where the behavior occurs, used for training, and food safety discussion. During the discussion you can determine whether the employees understood the key message in the poster by asking some focused open-ended questions.

They are available in nine different languages, including Arabic, English, Hindi, Korean, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Spanish, and Vietnamese.

Do you have other training resources you’ve found useful? Feel free to post them here as a blog entry or copy the link to Dave@foodsafetymentor.com And many thanks for reading!!