After Training, What Then?

You’ve worked with the Food Safety Mentor™, used the company’s services and emerged a better informed food service manager as a result. Perhaps you’ve benefited from university training or certification programs offered on the internet. However beneficial, this valuable information must be put to work, motivating trainees to change and improve behaviors, refining and upgrading food safety programs. How will you motivate and persuade your employees?


Food Safety Mentor™ will help you every step of the way, providing internet links, written resources and tips for gaining employee acceptance. Much of that support, coincidentally, comes from the following resource book. This book will be valuable, not only to food service managers, but to anyone conducting training programs and attempting to persuade the trainees to change their behaviors. Sanitarians, public health professionals and, in this instance, anyone working in food service management, will all benefit from this book.


Use the book to get things started. This book analyzes the reasons why employees might not listen during training, why they might not stay motivated to change behaviors. The book looks at ways to integrate health behavior models with the existing system to design more effective intervention strategies. Education, consultation and disciplinary action are melded to produce a more comprehensive approach to site evaluations. Community networking, talking with professional organizations and other food service managers, is advanced as an important support system.


The book is offered at numerous booksellers around the world and there are hardcover, softcover and E-book versions with different prices. Two bookseller links are provided just above the book graphic.

Environmental Health Noncompliance: A Sanitarian’s Search for a New System Hardcover –

by David Mikkola R S M P H